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Based on the graduation project of

Natalie Orbach & Idan Ben-Ari

Supervised by Miky Ronen & Dan Kohen-Vacs

Beta version developed by Adi Silagy

Department of Instructional Technologies

Holon Institute of Technology

{"activity":{"@id":"22","@publish":"true","@date":"14/01/2013","@editorid":"3","idQCounter":"2","title":"Video Shots","description":"Identifying the types of video shots \r\nand their purpose and use.","summarize":"You have reached the end of the activity, you can review the activity while watching your answers or restart","instructions":"Watch the video and answer the questions that will appear throughout the viewing","videoLink":"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laU2MI6X48I","questionsPool":{"question":[{"@id":"2","@type":"cloze","@time":"10","questionText":"What type of shot is used here?","correctAnswers":{"ans":["Extreme Long Shot","extreme long shot","ELS","els"]},"feedback":{"fCorrect":"This shot is used for views and panoramas","fWrong":"This shot is used for views and panoramas"}},{"@id":"0","@type":"comment","@time":"43","questionText":"Please note that the focus is on the main character. The blurred figure who walks - increases the tension.."},{"@id":"1","@type":"mc","@time":"56","questionText":"This is a","answers":{"ans":[{"@correct":"true","#text":"Cut-in"},{"@correct":"false","#text":"Long shot"},{"@correct":"false","#text":"Medium Shot"}]},"feedback":{"fCorrect":"The frame focuses on a part of the person ","fWrong":"The frame focuses on a part of the person"}},{"@id":"3","@type":"cloze","@time":"66","questionText":"This is a ","correctAnswers":{"ans":["close up","CLOSE UP"]},"feedback":{"fCorrect":"The subject takes up the whole frame","fWrong":"The subject takes up the whole frame"}}]}}}